Connected Facebook Accounts

You have the ability to add Connected Facebook Accounts to your SwiftOrder account. A Connected Facebook Account represents one Facebook Account.



Number of Connected Facebook Accounts per Plan

Starter - 1

Plus - 3

Advanced - 5  

Managed - 10



How to Add a Connected Facebook Account

  1. On the left hand menu in SwiftOrder, go to Config > Integrations > Facebook
  2. Click "Add New Facebook Account". Accept the new permissions Facebook asks you for (if any)
  3. Click "Make Default" to activate it
  4. You are finished

 You can add more accounts, if needed, as your Subscription Plan allows.




Access Tokens and Refreshing Tokens

Access Tokens are used to connect to your Facebook Account. These tokens give SwiftOrder the ability to perform Facebook-based functions on your behalf -- such as uploading to Albums, etc. Without a valid token, SwiftOrder cannot connect with your account.

Facebook expires tokens after 60 days. Therefore, every 60 days you have to refresh your token. As an example, in the image above, SwiftOrder will show you when your token expires and also give you a "Refresh Token" button to easily refresh your token after the expiry date.




In order to create Facebook Albums or Upload images to Facebook Albums, you *must* accept the proper permissions. You must also enable Facebook's "Groups API".

  • user_photos - required to post images to Facebook Albums, and to create Facebook Albums
  • publish_to_groups - required to post images to Facebook Albums, and to create Facebook Albums
  • Groups API - You must enable SwiftOrder in a Facebook Group, where you want SwiftOrder post images or create albums. This is required for SwiftOrder to read your Groups and Albums.


Facebook's "Groups API"

You must enable Facebook's "Groups API" in each Facebook Group you want SwiftOrder to be able to connect with.

Open any of your Facebook Groups, then follow these steps illustrated below:



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