How to switch to SwiftOrder 2.0


This article is for existing users of SwiftOrder, prior to Sept. 2018. The purpose of this article is to guide existing users about how to move to SwiftOrder 2.0.

In Sept. 2018, we began introducing SwiftOrder 2.0. SwiftOrder 2.0 is a new application that introduces many new features, functionality, as well as a new design. As a quick glance, it looks like this:


You can also see some informative tutorial videos here:

If you are a user of the SwiftOrder Classic (the original SwiftOrder), you can switch to SwiftOrder 2.0. All of your data will automatically transfer when you switch.

Important notes and answers to FAQs

What happens if I switch?

  • You can switch your account to SwiftOrder 2.0. Keep in mind that the word "switch" does not mean you can no longer use SwiftOrder Classic. You can STILL access SwiftOrder Classic, and you will NOT lose your data in SwiftOrder Classic.
  • Upon switching, all of your data will be available in SwiftOrder 2.0 AND STILL be available in SwiftOrder Classic.

What is different about SwiftOrder 2.0?

  • Brand new design, and much more user friendly
  • Brand new features (primarily the ability to print shipping labels and creating albums on Facebook)
  • SwiftOrder 2.0 uses email login, rather than Facebook login. You can still connect Facebook accounts to SwiftOrder 2.0, but you log in via email.
  • All new features and functionality will be done on SwiftOrder 2.0
  • Everything has been rebuilt from the ground up to ensure we can continuously add new features at a faster pace
  • There are new subscription offerings, with more features, higher levels of support, and more benefits. Since you are an existing user, you are grandfathered in on your subscription. You are still on your same subscription plan, and it will not change unless you want to change subscription plans.

What if I have multiple accounts in SwiftOrder Classic?

  • If you have multiple accounts because you connected multiple Facebook profiles, you only need to switch once. Then, you connect to Facebook inside your SwiftOrder 2.0 account.
  • If you have multiple accounts because you have multiple staff members, the main owner can perform the switch. Then, contact us via support ticket to add additional staff members.


How to Switch

First, make sure you have "Catalog" enabled in the SwiftOrder Classic. You may already have it enabled. If you need to enable it, you can do that here ( - it just takes a few seconds.

Next, you're ready to switch. Since the new SwiftOrder is email-login based, you need to follow these steps to get your email login. This will ensure that you can still access all of your data in the new SwiftOrder, and at the same time, be able to log in via email address.

  1. In SwiftOrder Classic (the original SwiftOrder), make sure you are logged in, then open this link:
  2. Click the "Create my Account for SwiftOrder 2.0" button. You should see a green success bar on the top of the page once this step is complete. Click the activation link in the green bar.
  3. Next, you'll be on a page that looks like this:


    Your email address will be pre-filled for you. If it is not pre-filled, enter the email address you see from Step 2.

    When your email address is entered, click the blue "Send Activation Link" button. An activation link will be sent to your email address.

  4. Go to your email inbox, open the activation email, then click the link.
  5. Enter a new password for your account
  6. Success! You can now log in. All of your inventory, data, etc will still be there.

As a quick note, as it currently stands, you can always go back and use SwiftOrder Classic. With that being said though, we hope you enjoy the new SwiftOrder far better. It is much more advanced, and all feature enhancements will be added to the new SwiftOrder moving forward.


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