QuickStart: Printing Shipping Labels

One of the most important parts of any Independent Seller's business is fulfilling orders -- specifically, printing shipping labels. Let's get you set up with SwiftOrder shipping, so you can print shipping labels (and have access to the best shipping rates!) in seconds.

Setup SwiftOrder Shipping

In this quick walkthrough, you'll learn how to get set up to print shipping labels. Keep in mind, that on a free trial account, you can -- of course -- only print test shipping labels. When you upgrade to the Plus Plan or higher, you can print real labels.


Want to connect to ShippingEasy instead? Read our legacy documentation here: https://swiftorder.io/docs/connect-shipping-easy

You need to have a subscription with ShippingEasy in order to use it. If you're interested in not having to pay for another 3rd party service, we recommend SwiftOrder Shipping instead.

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