Creating Inventory

For a quick terminology recap:

- In SwiftOrder you sell items. Your items make up your inventory.

In this guide, we'll create inventory.



How to Create Inventory

  1. On the left hand menu in SwiftOrder, go to Products > Inventory > in the top right corner click Add Inventory


  2. Search the name of the existing Product you would like to add inventory to. If you don't have the product yet, create a new product instead.


  3. Enter the name of the Variant

    A variant is a variation of the product type. Common examples include sizes or colors. You can enter a new variant or choose from an existing variant.


  4. The price will be pre-filled for you if you choose an existing Product. You can always edit the Price, and optionally edit the Wholesale Cost. 


  5. In the Image and Quantity Section, select which option is best, based on how you want to add your Product.

    Option 1:

    Best if you have 1 image, and you want to add a quantity. For example, you sell Health Care Products. Your Product Name is "Luxury Shampoo", your Variant is "12 Ounce", you have 1 main image, and you have 25 bottles in stock.

    If you enter 25, the end result is that 25 items will be created, all with the same image. 1 will be "in stock" that is available to purchase, and 24 others will be "in stock (extras)" that become available as the "in stock" item sells. 

    If you would prefer quantities behave differently, or have any questions about quantities, contact us and let us know!



    Option 2:

    Best if every image you have is completely unique. For example, you sell clothing, and every item of clothing you sell has a unique pattern. Your Product Name is "Amelia", your Variant name is "Small", you have 10 unique images, and you have 10 items you want to create.


  6. Add your image(s) as needed. 

  7. Click the "Add Inventory" button, and you're all set.

  8. You're finished 
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