Connected Facebook Accounts

A Connected Facebook Account represents a single Facebook Account connected to your SwiftOrder Account. 

Based on your subscription plan, you can add more Connected Facebook Accounts.

Free Trial - 1
Starter Plan - 1
Plus Plan - 3
Advanced Plan - 5
Managed Plan - 10


Adding Facebook Connected Accounts

In Config >> Integrations >> Facebook, click "Add New Facebook Account". This option will only be available for subscription plans that have the ability to add more accounts.


Access Tokens

When you approve SwiftOrder to connect to your Facebook Account, Facebook grants a 60 day access token. After 60 days, your token will expire. You can see your expiration date, and refresh your token as needed.

This token cannot be refreshed automatically, as Facebook requires you to authorize the token refresh.


Default Token

When you are connected to more than 1 Facebook Account, you can define the Default. The Default controls which Facebook account SwiftOrder uses when reading your Facebook Groups or reading your Facebook Albums.

Once you create a Facebook Upload, or create a Facebook Album Creation, that token is "locked in" place. Even if the images have not synced to Facebook yet, the token you used to create the Facebook Upload or Facebook Album Creation will be used. 

When you change the Default Token, it only influences new Facebook Uploads and Album Creations, and not existing ones you have already built.



There are multiple permissions you need to grant SwiftOrder, in order for us to do the things you want us to do.

If these permissions are not granted, the Facebook integration will not work. Here are a list of the permissions:

  • user_photos - required to post images to Facebook Albums, and to create Facebook Albums
  • publish_to_groups - required to post images to Facebook Albums, and to create Facebook Albums
  • Groups API - You must enable SwiftOrder in a Facebook Group, where you want SwiftOrder to post images or create albums. This is required for SwiftOrder to read your Groups and Albums. See "Enabling the Facebook Groups API" section below to learn how to enable it.


Enabling the Facebook Groups API

In addition to connecting to your Facebook Account, Facebook also requires that you approve SwiftOrder to connect your Facebook Groups.

In each Facebook Group you want to connect SwiftOrder to, you'll need to follow the steps outlined in the image below. These steps involve editing your Facebook Group Settings.

First, go to a Facebook Group of yours. Then, follow the steps illustrated below:


Facebook Limits

Facebook limits the API activity on your Facebook Account. Your activity is based on an aggregate of all softwares you are connected to with a given Facebook account. For example, if your Facebook Account is connected to 5 softwares, your limits are based on all 5. 

If you hit your limits, SwiftOrder will stop your Facebook uploads intentionally, as not doing so could lead to Facebook freezing your account.

If you hit your limits, it means you are interacting too much and too frequently with Facebook uploads. See our legacy documentation for tips on how to improve this for your account.



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