Manage a Shopping Gallery

You have control over many settings within your storefront. The default settings are enough to start selling immediately, but if you want to to customize parts of your storefront, you'll want to dig in to some of the settings.


Customizations you have control over:

  • General Settings
    • Publish/Unpublish your Storefront - this allows the contents of your storefront to be available to your customers, or not.
    • Unpublished Message - the message your customers see if your storefront is not published
    • Name of your Storefront
    • URL
    • Logo
    • Color of Buttons
    • "Add to Cart" button text
    • "Continue Shopping" button text
    • Reservations - The amount of time an item is "locked" from being added to a cart, after another shopper has added it to their cart.
    • Up to 3 menu options - link to other business resources on the top menu

  • Checkout
    • Checkout Message
    • "Submit Order" button text
    • Shipping Policy
    • Return Policy
    • Custom Fields - collecting up to 3 custom data points, such as asking 3 questions to your customers
    • Display the phrase "plus applicable taxes"
    • Display the phrase "plus shipping"
    • "Checkout" button text
    • Thank You/Receipt Page Message

  • Credit Card Payments
    • Enable/disable - Payments lets you turn your Storefront into an Ecommerce store. Securely accept credit cards and simplify the purchase process for your customers. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB. 

  • Shipping Rules (requires Payments)
    • Define 3 Shipping Rules - for example, "If an order has more than x items, shipping costs $y". Or, "If an order has cost is $x, shipping costs $y".

  • Taxes (requires Payments)
    • Avalara Integration for accurate sales tax calculation
    • Enable/disable taxes
    • Also apply taxes to shipping costs

  • CSS and Javascript
    • CSS allows you to make design changes
    • Javascript allows you to add functionality (such as Facebook Social Plugins, Tracking Pixels, etc)

  • Available Stock
    • Make all in stock inventory available to your customers
    • Limit based on Product type



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