Creating Facebook Albums

You can create Albums on Facebook, for any sales event where you need to create new Albums.

Getting Started

On the left hand menu, click Facebook, then Albums, then More Actions, then Manage Album Covers.


A list of all of your products will show. You can add an image which will be your album cover, and you can add a default album title. Add your images and default album titles where needed, and you're ready to create albums. 



Preparing your Album Creation

Now that you've defined your Album photos and default titles, you're ready to sync to Facebook. We call this process an "Album Creation".

On the left hand menu, click Facebook, then Albums, then Create New, then Album Creation.



Select your Facebook Group. Your groups will only show if you have connected to Facebook properly. When you've chosen your group, click Select This Group.



Your albums will show. The albums and default titles that show will only be options where you have already configured both an album cover photo and a default album title. If you did not configure an album cover or default album title, those will not show.

You can now uncheck ones you do not want to include or edit an album title as needed.


Then, select when you would like to create your albums. You can select from "Now" or to "Schedule it".

When you're ready, click "Build Album Creation". This will finalize the structure of your album creation, and it will not sync to Facebook. You'll begin the sync in the next step.


Syncing to Facebook

You're ready to sync, and you will have a page that looks like the image below. Click the "Start Upload" button to begin.


Then confirm you're ready, by clicking "Create My Albums on Facebook". This will begin the process. Please allow 1-2 minutes for the first Album to appear on Facebook.

As a note, this 1-2 minute period is a "prep period" where we establish a connection with Facebook to queue up your album creation, it's normal to not have anything upload during this time. So if your album creation doesn't seem to begin, don't sweat it. It's completely normal.


You can monitor the progress of your upload. For example, the upload pictured below is in progress with 2% complete. You can view your albums on Facebook itself, by clicking "View Albums on Facebook" in the top right hand corner.

You can monitor the progress. Simply refresh the page to see the current status.


When you go to Facebook, you'll see the albums in your group. Success!



Additional Notes

  • You can only create 1 set of an Album Creation. In the future, we may add the ability to do more than one.
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